Portfolio GF

Buckskin Anglo-Arabian colt
born April 13, 2018

to mature about 15.3+ hh

beautiful face and perfect body conformation
great movement with powerful hind end
he would make a great eventer

still unnamed


TCF Palladium xx a.d. Khapriole GF



Dance In Red xx

Liver Chestnut Thoroughbred filly

born April 24, 2018

to mature about 16.1 hh

gorgeous type, flawless body conformation
and great movement
perfect for eventing or jumping


Glitter of Gold xx a.d. Dance in Gold xx




Love In Red GF

Chestnut Anglo-Arabian colt
born April 25, 2018
to mature about 16+ hh
smashing type, perfect in all body parts and amazing movement with floating gaits

perfect for all kind of spots as he carries the W 19 gene for the White Spotting


 Letter of Marque xx a.d. EA She's All That ox



White Legs GF

Oldenburg Palomino Warmblood colt

born May 18, 2018, to mature about 16.2 hh

great bloodlines, beautiful face and perfect body, always uphill in movement, perfect in every way and in a golden coat with lots of white


Weissgold - Nariston - Philippo

Wings of Gold GF
Golden Palomino Oldenburg colt
born May 24, 2018,
to mature about 17.1+ hh
this colt is of rich golden color, is 100% perfect, has great movement, an extraordinary pedigree and is the most kind to handle. A great dressage prospect for anyone that is seeking a very tall prospect


Weissgold - Dancier - World Cup I - Grande

Wishmaster GF

Oldenburg Cremello Warmblood colt
born June 24, 2018,
to mature about 16.1 hh

a prospect for all kinds of equine sport, whatever you want him to do. he is kind, easy to handle, correct in all parts and has very good movement


Weissgold - Metallic Dream - Senussi - Imker



Frohsinn GF

Black Oldenburg Warmblood colt
born July 1, 2018, to mature about 16.2+ hh
amazing bloodlines, gorgeous head and very long legs, he is so very handsome and loves to be cuddled, more once he has unfolded


Fürst Wilhelm-Rosario-Damenstolz-Windesi